About Us


Janusz is a full service residential design firm founded as Framework Design in 2004 by partners Marisa Janusz and Joe Meppelink.

Janusz brings an ethos of thoughtful design to every project, merging technical proficiency with the creative imagination for how a space will look, feel, and function. Though we work digitally, we are classically trained and started our practice before the predominance of digital technology, giving us a perspective that embraces the best of both worlds. We have the aptitude for considering the way natural light plays in a room, determining the proper scale and proportion, and articulating space in a functional and interesting way. We design with a thorough understanding of time-tested construction practices that result in elegant, climate-responsive structures. We also stay current with best practices in digital design and sustainable technologies and apply them when appropriate.

We consider ourselves good listeners, and approach each project as a collaboration with our clients. We strive to understand our clients’ needs and resources, and to deliver the highest quality, most responsive design possible, whether it be for a house, an addition, or a room. Being style agnostic, we take our cues from the distinctive context of each project, and consider issues such as the scale of the neighborhood, relationship to the landscape, and existing historical structures. We build on the back of successful architectural traditions but we translate the spirit of those traditions into contemporary terms that meet the unique demands of everyday life.

If we sound like the kind of firm you’d like to work with, please contact us at info@januszdesign.com to discuss your project.